We offer a variety of fitness options to meet your free fitness community needs. We ensure that our equipment is manufactured with quality materials and components to hold up in the outdoors. The equipment is specifically designed to be used by people of various abilities and sizes. We want your community to have a sleek design that you are proud of for years to come.


Xccent Fitness’ vast product line will have you covered for any particular fitness activity, age-group, or footprint. Our aesthetically pleasing equipment will blend in to any park landscape. We manufacture 100% of our components in the USA so you are assured to have a high quality, low maintenance products for years to come. From fitness trails to individual units to fitness packages… we have you covered.

Fitness Trails

Go beyond the traditional fitness trail with Xccent Fitness. Trailside exercise clusters multiply the trails’ health benefits to users, enabling hikers, bikers and joggers to build strength and flexibility while they work on various stretching, cardio, and muscle building activities. Our individual signage enables users to read and understand how to use the equipment and view video of the equipment.


Add an amenity to your location that separates you from the rest. Xccent Fitness provides vacationers with fun, exercise options, incorporating activities for those at all levels of fitness activity. Lacking the intimidation factor of indoor gyms, Xccent Fitness zones create relaxed atmospheres for exercise and socializing.


Physical fitness is integral to a student’s well-being and Xccent Fitness can help incorporate physical activity in a number of ways. Our product line is designed for teenagers and includes a variety of health-related physical fitness tests designed to assess cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

Property Management

With a wide range of products and solutions to fit your needs, Xccent Fitness understands your needs to add an attractive product that tenants will enjoy and appreciate the fitness service provided. Looking to differentiate-we have options that are affordable and we make the buying decision hassle-free.


 Looking to stretch that back or just simply get in some cardio-our complete line of outdoor fitness equipment can provide a variety of outdoor exercise to any environment. Low maintenance and high value will make your guests come back for more.

Corporate Campus/Business Parks

 In recent years, businesses have been promoting wellness campaigns to their employees to reduce the cost of medical insurance. Xccent Fitness can provide a variety of solutions through walking trails or simply one or two units to get that momentum going. Fitness trails can be an affordable benefit to a current or new potential employee.

Senior Housing

The studies have been done, the data is in, and news stories abound on the benefits of seniors exercising. Muscle mass and bone density increase, stamina is improved, it slows dementia, improves flexibility, and balance. Xccent Fitness Motion Wellness Systems or a Boomer Package from the Active Outdoor Fitness line can be the perfect solution.

Physical Therapy

Getting outdoors and being active are needed for a healthy lifestyle. The Motion Wellness System is approved by physical therapists to work independently or in a class situation to use the system has a confidence builder and fall prevention/assessment tool.