Rope Bridge Wellness Station

The Rope Bridge Wellness Station makes exercise fun and brings you back to the playground while enhancing the skills needed to reduce falls. The bridge walk may appear challenging, but it is the best assessment to understand one’s susceptibility to falling. The Rope Bridge walking pads are designed within inches of the surfacing to ensure a safe product. This station also offers events that promote further balance, upper-body flexibility, and enhance relaxation and mediation.


  1. Rope Bridge Walk
  2. Sitting Hand Throttle Bar
  3. Balance and Hip Twist
  4. Shoulder Wheel
  5. Hand Bike*

* ADA Compliant

  • 15’9” x 11’2” (4.80m x 3.40m) USE ZONE
  • Surface Mount: 52567 Standalone
  • Inground Mount: 53084 Standalone

Xccent Rope Bridge Wellness Station In Action

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