Rouses Point Fitness Trail Aims to Promote Healthy Living

Rouses Point Fitness Trail Now Open!

In early 2016, Rouses Point Village had the inspiration to bring outdoor fitness to their community.  Together, with the New York State Healthy Neighborhoods Fund, they developed and opened an Xccent Fitness park.  

With the idea that outdoor fitness equipment is more fun than training indoors, especially in nice weather, Jan went to work planning the project.  With the combined efforts, they developed a half mile loop that contains multiple pieces of equipment to stimulate the mind and body and promote a healthy living style.  

On July 4th, they were able to see their dream come to fruition.  For more information on this project, visit Rouses Point’s website.  To visit the park, the address is:

Village of Rouses Point

38 Woodhaven Drive

Rouses Point, NY  12979


For questions on how you can develop a park in your area or for general outdoor fitness related questions, Contact Brian Dykhuizen.

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