Active Outdoor at Allegheny County parks

Exercise equipment being installed in Allegheny County parks

Article By: Aaron Aupperlee,

Visitors to some Allegheny County Parks don’t have to stay inside a gym to get a cardio or weight-training workout.

The county Parks Department installed exercise equipment at Round Hill Park, Settler’s Cabin Park, South Park and White Oak Park in April and will do the same at Boyce Park, Deer Lakes Park, Harrison Hills Park and North Park next month.

“We know that exercise controls weight, combats health conditions and diseases, improves mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep and, although it may be hard for some people to believe, can even be fun,” county Executive Rich Fitzgerald said in a statement. “We hope that these stations become a popular place for individuals and families, and that it’s one more way that they can ‘live well’ in Allegheny County.”

The 69 pieces of equipment, manufactured by Minnesota-based Xccent Fitness, cost $530,000. The county used $175,000 from bonds and $355,000 from the Allegheny Regional Asset District. The equipment is part of the county’s Live Well Allegheny campaign, which is aimed at improving the health of residents through healthy behaviors like exercise.

The county hopes parents will use the equipment, which is installed near playgrounds at most parks, to get in a workout while keeping an eye on their children.

The equipment includes an air strider machine that provides a no-impact cardio workout, an elliptical machine, an abdominal and back machine, an arm and leg press machine and a pull-up and dip machine.

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