Premier Package

It is exactly what we called it-The Premier Package. The Premier package will not only put you on the map, but it will show you are serious about outdoor fitness. We offer eleven (11) units in this package. Twenty-two (22) individual users can use this package simultaneously, giving the users the opportunity to perform over ninety-six (96) different exercise routines. The selection of units includes components for cardio, strength, balance, flexibility, and core strength. This package comes with one (1) free informational sign. We have four (4) other packages to choose from or you customize the layout by designing your own package from our thirty plus (30+) units offered.


Dbl Air Strider & Dbl Hip Swing Combo

Dbl Low Back Trainer

Leg & Arm Press Combo

Compound Push-Up

Pull-Up & Dip Combo

Knee Raise & Dip Combo

Step & Balance Dbl Hip Twist Combo

Instructional Sign

Air Skier

Tai Chi & Dbl Hand Bike Combo

Torso Bench

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