Active Outdoor Fitness Philosophy

Making real fitness opportunities available to everyone… especially to those that otherwise could not or would not have the time, inclination, or financial resources necessary for indoor fitness centers. Our busy lifestyles don’t always allow free time, let alone time to visit indoor fitness centers. More to the point, many of us haven’t been inside a fitness center in years, or maybe not ever; and certainly don’t like the intimidating thought of “working out” next to somebody that’s miles ahead of them from a physical fitness standpoint. Compounding the issue even more is that in many cases, today’s economic realities do not allow people the luxury of a dues-paying membership at the fitness center. Finally, nobody gets outside anymore. Our time spent in the fresh air is usually limited to those brief moments running from house to car to work to the store to school and home again. At Xccent Fitness, our foundational fitness concept is making genuine fitness equipment, and genuine fitness benefits, available to all people, regardless of fitness level or economic class, to use on their own time and in their own fashion and… all in the great outdoors.

Motion Wellness Systems Philosophy

Xccent Fitness strives to make people’s living environments an attractive and playful space where people of all ages can enjoy life, play, and exercise. We have extended the concept of play by developing a “playground” for seniors. Play acts as a source of relaxation, exercise, and joy-three important elements of well-being. Several studies have shown that exercise promotes mental and physical well-being. The need to maintain physical skills, cognitive skills, and social awareness increases as we get older. These skills allow us to perform the simplest of tasks as we age. This philosophy is the center of the Motion Wellness Systems design. Through the design, we have created a fall prevention assessment for Physical Therapists to now use as a training tool for patients/clients. The markets we serve are Senior Care Facilities, Private/Public Senior Housing, Retirement Communities, Hospitals, Rehabilitation, and Special Needs.

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